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Bringing Love Fruit and Happiness to your life

Workshops you can expect:

Lectures, Discussions, Interview, Life stories, Technical info, Demo’s, Practical Tips, Healing excercises., Self care,


You’ll l be able to learn and experience about these topics

Starting the Fruitarian Lifestyle

  • – Why to eat high raw or fruitarian?
  • – How to eat high raw?
  • – Why fruit is the healthiest for humans?


  • – Can I sport when I am in detox?
  • – Do I need special food after of before a long workout?
  • – Join in running, swimming, yoga and others.

Inner healing work

  • – Keep yourself motivated
  • – Keep your inner child save and happy
  • – Grow as a unique person
  • – Meditate

Detox and Regeneration as a lifestyle

  • – How to optimise food combining
  • – How to use detox as a life style

Energy sources other than food

  • – Optimalise your lifestyle to hapiness
  • – How to gain energy from the Universe and Within
  • – How to remove blackages to make your energy flow better
  • – How does a Fruitarian lifestyle provide you with energy

Childeren on Raw

  • – What the best foods are for children
  • – What are the best foods for pregnant women
  • – What children can eat if you are raw
  • – How & when to move from breastfeeding to food

Fasting the Deep Detoxification Method

  • – How to start a fast
  • – When to break a fast
  • – What you need to research before
  • – Juice, water or dry fasts
  • – Breatharians, does it exist and do we need food?

*WARNING* don’t go fasting without guidance or research.

Maintaining the Fruitarian Lifestyle

  • – Prevention of emotional eating.
  • – Prevention of fall-backs
  • – Create the right mind-set
  • – Changing old negative patterns.
  • – Healing on old issues or trauma.
  • – Connecting to your inner self.
  • – Staying on High Fruit and High Raw after the Festival



Food Prep

Acro & Gymnastics

Play and have fun with your bodY! 

Balancing exersizes, handstands, cartwheels, connection and more. TO enjoy the bosy’s capabilities but also to improve brain functionality, get better focus

Wendy helped me recognize and dismantle old, harmful beliefs and re-establish a visceral connection with myself.

I absolutely recommend her to anyone who would benefit from the same!*


Join our Fruity Community

Join our Fruity Community

Join our Fruity Community

Join our Fruity Community


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