The V.I.P Team 

Johan Gijsbers (The Netherlands)

Johan Gijsbers (The Netherlands)

Engineer Dad Organiser

Good day to you all.

My name is Johan. The last couple of years I am trying to change my life. And what a good start to begin with my body. About 6 years ago me and Wendy started to really change the food we put into our body’s.

Now cured of a couple of dis-eases I started last year with my personal development. Becoming my own free self again is one of the main goals i want to achieve.

Now one year ago I did quit my job and planned to live in a Van…… Well let’s just say 2019 is becoming a very interesting year. More about that when we meet.

Besides just being, I try to help a hand where I can. Now I’m helping Wendy a little bit with the Fruit Festival and taking care of our son of course :-). I love to do physical work above working on a computer (been there….)

Like to connect with all the lovely people at the festival. See you soon!

Virshinia Toledo (ARGENTINA)

Virshinia Toledo (ARGENTINA)

COACH Activist Traveller Organiser

Hi I’m Virshina,  emotional “biodescodificadora”, event organizar all over the Word, vegan activist anonymous for the voiceless of Argentina, traveller and “conferentista”.

I want to share my experince and battle and how I defeated anxiety attacks and depression, learning to listen to myself and to eat consciently. “decodificando” my emotions by conscient eating ang observation of myself.

 Big part of humanity just eat in order not to feel what they are feeling at that moment, to fill silences or emotions. Let’s talk raw vegan detox, and water fasting.

 Remember that you choose what to eat and that depends on your current emotions.

Ana Cioara (Republic of Moldova)

Ana Cioara (Republic of Moldova)

Florist Kitchen Crew

Hi, my name is Ana, and I am florist in London. I believe in the power of the fruit and that they can heal our body and the soul. The Dutch Fruit Festival is the place where connects people with the same ideas and beliefs. Let’s have a amazing time.

ELine (The Netherlands)

ELine (The Netherlands)

ACRO Yoga Teacher

Im happy to be able to invite you in the playfull garden of eden thats called acro yoga!

My name is Eline Guicherit. I have been a partner dancer for 10 years. Tango argentino and contact improvisation as my specialties. 

From partnerdance the art of acro yoga came organicly in my life. I have been sharing acro yoga in classes and festivals for the past 4 years.

Come, connect, play and cellibrate our unique being.

Eva Buchmann (Germany)

Eva Buchmann (Germany)

Antropologie - Raw Kitchen

Hi, my name is Eva. I’m currently 19 years old. I love music, dancing, fruit, nature, good vibes and I’m super interested in entrepreneurship.
I turned vegetarian at age 12 and three years later I discovered the vegan lifestyle.
When I turned 17 I got introduced to the 80/10/10 lifestyle via Youtube.
In the beginning I binge watched a lot of youtube videos about the raw vegan/ fruitarian lifestyle but I still made so many mistakes. I wasn’t eating enough calories and far too many dates.
For the first one year of me trying raw veganism I had quite severe detox symptoms and so I didn’t tell anyone (except my Mum) about my new diet and hence I felt quite lonely.
Everything changed however when I went to the raw fruit festival in the South of Spain. It was one of the best weeks of my life, I could meet like-minded people and I could gain more confidence in my eating habits.
I’m so thankful for the raw vegan/ fruitarian lifestyle. And though I’m not 100% raw vegan (yet), raw veganism still is an awakening experience for me and I could and can learn so much about myself and the world.
I think when you start a raw vegan diet it will change and improve your life.
Fruity wishes,


Are you super excited to come and get some inside experience?
Are you good in the kitchen or love to work with childeren?
Looking to get some money off you ticket?
Then being a volunteer might be just your thing. 

join the team of 2019 
Team nights are spend in the campground & require you to bring your own camping gear. Rather spend your time sleeping as a V.I.P.? Updraging to a room, plus extra nights are available. 

Early entrance, behind the scene and an extra night&day
When you are part of this amazing volunteer team, we welcome you to come on friday at no extra cost and stay one night longer*. (monday to tuesday night only for camping)

People who have experience in volunteering at festivals are more likely to get a volunteer spot. 

 What is your speciality

We are currently especially looking for people with these specialties and qualities.

You can apply for a volunteer spot if you like to: 
✔ Drive people to & from the train station
✔ Taking care of childeren
✔ Host and welcome people
✔ Be aware of security
✔ Make a video from the  festival


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