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Why Come to the Festival?

The DutchFruitFestival is bringing you an abundance of delicious, ripe, sweet, energizing foods. Get ready for luscious mangoes, juicy peaches, sugary bananas, crisp salad greens, and creamy avocados to keep you satisfied all day long.

The DutchFruitFestival is a community of likeminded people, all supporting and lifting eachother up. Raising up to be the happiest human beings you can possible be. We’re here to healp you heal, grow and trive. To make all your dreams come true.

The DutchFruitFestival isthe place to be this summer, to learn all about fresh vitalising foods. To know the best Food combinations and to makethe most delisious dishes with our recipe’s. Start your health yournee now by getting out FREE Festiival Health Guide. Full with example recipe’s, and detox tips&tricks.

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