A Fruit Festival brings So much Joy to your Life


Raw VEgan

All Food served at this festival is 100% Fresh and Raw. No animal products are used.

Low Fat

The Base of the Food served is following along the teachings of Doug Graham’s 80 10 10, Dr. Robert Morse Detox practices, and of course Anne Osborne’s guidelines. 
That means low fat.


Fruit All Day

We will provide fruit all day long so you are able to enjoy and take what you need every time that you are hungry.

Delicious Salads

For those who wish there are salads, greens and vegetables that are all organic. Our Raw Chef will make a delicious recipe for dinner time.

Raw Ripe Fresh FRUIT & Organic Veggies

FRUITS have the highest vibration of all food for mankind. Packed with nutrients, water and fibers it is our superfood!

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