Frequently Asked Questions

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How long is the festival

The festival will start at 12.00 on 13th of Juli 2020 and ends at 10.00 at 17th of Juli 2020.
Activities, food and sleeping facilities are included in the ticket price.

Can I stay one night longer?

This year we don’t offer an extra night before or after.  

What do I need to bring?

Bring sports clothes, for yoga, running or swimming.
There is a lot of nature and forrest around.
Bring a yoga mat.

We are in The Netherlands, so it can be SUPER HOT or a little chilly with some rain. 
Therefore make sure to bring summer clothing and a jacket or sweater with something warm for the evenings.

Sleeping in the rooms?
Bring your own towels. Pillows, fittet sheets, duvet and duvet covers are provided.

Sleeping in the camping?
When you bring your own tent, take all you need when you sleep in a campsite. 
We have a full equipped kitchen so no need for that. 
Bring towels, sleeping bags, pillows, pegs and all that.

Is there a parking?

Yes in front of the builing there is enough parking.

Can I come with a Camper / Van?

If you want to come with a camper / van there are probably possibilities. Please contact us for more info.

Can I volunteer?

There are volunteer options. People who have experience in volunteering at festivals are more likely to get a volunteer spot. 
We are currently especially looking for people with these specialties and qualities.

You can apply for a volunteer spot if you like to: 
Taking care of childeren,
Organise furnature,
Host and welcome people,
Be aware of security,
Take photos,
Make a video from the festival.

If you want to be part of this amazing volunteer team, we welcome you to come the day before if you like. 

How do I get there?

FLy to Amsterdam, Eindhoven or Dusseldorf.

Coming from Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS) 2:30hr approx. €55

  1. Go to train station
  2. Take Intercity train to Nijmegen (max. €35 travel time 1:30hr)
  3. Go to busstation
  4. Take Bus 99 to Zeeland, Voederheil (max. €5 travel time 0:40hr)
  5. Walk (3,2km) or take taxi (€13) to De Buitenhorst (Franse Baan 4, 5374 RS Schaijk)

Coming from Eindhoven Airport (EIN) 1:45hr max. €45 (With OV-ship 12€)

  1. Go to busstop
  2. Take bus 401, 400 or 10 to Eindhoven Centraal Station (max. €3 travel time 0:25hr)
  3. Take bus 305, 157 or 605 to Uden Centraal Station (max. €6 travel time 0:40hr)
  4. Take Bus 99 to Zeeland, Voederheil (max. €5 travel time 0:25hr)
  5. Walk (3,2km) or take taxi (€13) to De Buitenhorst (Franse Baan 4, 5374 RS Schaijk)

Coming from Dusseldorf Airport (DUS) 3:45hr approx. €80

  1. Got to Skytrain
  2. Take SkyT to Flughafen Bf (max. €3 travel time 0:05hr)
  3. Take International train to Arnhem Centraal (max. €25 travel time 1:45hr)
  4. Take Intercity train to Oss (max. €10 travel time 0:45hr)
  5. Take Taxi (€35 travel time 0:15hr) to De Buitenhorst (Franse Baan 4, 5374 RS Schaijk)

Festival Transfer:

We’ll do our best to have 1 festival transfer ready from Eindhoven Airport at 13 July in the morning and 1 to Eindhoven Airport on 17 July in the morning. There are multiple people coming with the car, and therefore contact us in the community on facebook, That way you are able to connect. 

Public Transport:

Plan all Public Transport in the Netherlands
Trains in Netherlands with prices. Tickets can be bought for the same price +1€ at any station – The Dutch Railway
Airport Taxis

For more info on public transportation in The World see:

See the Google Maps under Contact

Are there day passes?

We are currently not giving out day passes as we would like for you to have the life changing experience of all week. 

Join this unforgettable experience


Join this unforgettable experience

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